Ticket Purchasing

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Tickets are now available to purchase for this event.


Discounts are available for families and locals from Kerry, which will be effective once the early bird rate has expired. 

Families: 10% discount

People from Kerry: 5% discount


If you are a family from Kerry, you will qualify for a 15% discount.


This conference is available to professionals and family members alike. Unfortunately, many families are not in the financial position to attend events such as these. In order to share thoughts and ideas with everyone who is interested, we wish to invite you to sponsor families and individuals who either support a person with additional needs, or are themselves a person with a diagnosis. 


This sponsorship will be used solely for families to attend this event. In our experience of working with families in crisis, attending events such as these can be incredibly valuable to them, in terms of providing support and guidance, as well as practical advice for their everyday obstacles. Your support would enable these families to attend and gather much needed strength to continue their journeys. 



We have put together a tiered package, which is outlined below:


Platinum: 5 pairs of tickets (€1950)

Gold: 3 pairs of tickets (€1170)

Silver: 1 pair of tickets (€390)

Bronze: 1 ticket: (€195) 


As we are a company with little funding, we rely on local sponsorship. In exchange for your kind donation, we would offer in return;

  • Presence on all of our printed literature and on our website 

  • A table at our conference to promote your organisation

  • Regular mentions on our social media

  • International exposure for your company name and logo

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a struggling local family


Sponsorship of any kind is appreciated and welcomed.


If you are in a position to sponsor this event please contact our event co-ordinator Elaine Griffin at elaineg@studio3.org, or by calling 00667128872 or 0871936640.