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Studio 3 Training Systems and Clinical Services is an international organisation with trainers and associates across the globe. Based in Ireland, we currently have two offices, located in Maynooth and Kerry. Our Irish teams work tirelessly to share Studio 3's training and philosophies, and all of their hard work comes together in this international conference. Meet the team and find out more about their work by visiting the Studio 3 website!

Who are Studio 3?

The Studio 3 philosophy is unreservedly non-aversive in nature. We operate within a person-centred model of support. Our practitioners focus on developing well-being approaches for individuals with a whole range of issues.

Within the area of challenging and complex behaviour, Studio 3 Clinical Services is one of the largest providers of independent and highly specialised psychological, psychotherapeutic and behavioural support services in Ireland, the UK and 14 other countries.

The Low Arousal approach, a concept devised by Professor Andrew McDonnell, is a crisis management strategy which encourages stress reduction and de-escalation. The low arousal approach enables professionals, carers and family members to deal with and manage challenging behaviours. The approach empowers the individual or team to focus on the ‘person’ in the situation, identify causes of distress and use proven low arousal skills to reduce aggression and other behaviours of concern. This approach acknowledges that stress is an ever-present part of everyone’s lives, and asks how we can best manage crisis situations where the individuals we support may be experiencing ‘meltdown’.

We are the only organisation that officially runs specialist training courses in the Low Arousal Approach.

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Our training and clinical teams also provide:

  • Ongoing service consultancy

  • Independent 360° assessments

  • Specialised 'good life' support and living scheme development

  • Individual and group staff support

  • Psychological and psycho-therapeutic support to individuals with complex behaviours, their families and staff teams

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Studio 3 have developed psychology and mental health services directly operated by Studio 3 Clinical Services staff, in-house psychology services supervised by Studio 3 and combined services in which we recruit and embed psychology teams or individual staff employed and supervised by Studio 3 but managed by host organisations.

Studio 3 Clinical Services also includes Studio 3 Training Systems, providing staff and service training in the management of challenging and problematic behaviour. This also includes Atlass Autism consultancy and training for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome specific services.

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