The purpose of this 2-day, international gathering is to promote practical approaches to working with stressed people in challenging situations in a positive manner. Our international panel of speakers will connect the themes of their presentations in a positive, aspirational manner. In these times of crisis and struggle, sometimes people lose sight of the bigger goals. Delegates of this conference will be rejuvenated and enthused by the ideas that fit within the Studio 3 ethos and approach.

The theme for this series of talks and workshops is ‘Neart’, derived from the Irish word meaning ‘Strength’. It is also an acronym for the guiding principles of our work here at Studio 3.

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Delegates attending this conference will leave feeling equipped with practical approaches to working with stressed people in a positive manner. Studio 3’s philosophy is non-aversive in nature.  We recognise that stress and anxiety have a huge presence in the lives of those we support. 

This conference is aimed at families and professionals who support people living in complex and stressful situations, social carers, disability and mental health practitioners, teachers, foster carers and people in the healthcare industry.

This is an international conference which will see delegates from Dubai, Canada, Sweden, Portugal and the UK. We are teaming up with Failte Ireland to promote this event internationally.

29th - 20th March, 2021

Who is the Conference for?

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This International conference is not just for Studio 3 personnel. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the Studio 3 ethos and philosophy to attend, including:

  • Families who support individuals living in complex and stressful situations

  • Social care, Disability, Mental Health practitioners

  • Schools, Teachers and special needs Assistants

  • Professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists or Psychologists may find this of interest.